Flood Risk Management Conference – North Sea Region
Hamburg, 17-18 November 2011

Thank you all participants of SAWA´s Final Conference - Flood Risk Management Conference – North Sea Region, for making the conference to the nice event it turned out to be.

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Participants at the Flood Risk Management Conference, North Sea Region

Support, Knowledge and Information
The two day conference gave support, knowledge and information needed to improve the level of flood protection. Flood risk will become more frequent in the future as a result of climate change, uncontrolled human activities and human interventions into the processes of nature and growing impact of floods on human health and economic losses. A concerted and coordinated action at the level of the European Community would bring considerable added value and improve the overall level of flood protection. Consequently the European Community has passed a new legal instrument, the Directive on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks (EC 2007/60).